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2019 Oireachtas Training Guide

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Your 2019 Oireachtas Training Guide is here! This guide contains useful tips for soloists and team dancers alike to use in the final weeks and days leading up to, and during, your region's Oireachtas.

Headed to the MidAmerica Oireachtas? Three special opportunities for you below! Good luck to all competitors & happy training!


Headed to the Mid-America Oireachtas?

Volunteer at the TT Booth: Calling all TT Athletes 13 & older! Have a couple hours to spare and interested in helping out at the TT Booth at Oireachtas? CLICK HERE to sign up for a volunteer slot!

Mobility & Mindset Clinic: Don't forget to sign up for Target Training's most popular clinic, the Mindset & Mobility Clinic! These clinics focus on preparing dancers' bodies and minds for the competition weekend so they feel focused, mobile, and ready to take the stage. CLICK HERE to register!

CD SIGNING and MEET & GREET with fiddle player KATIE GRENNAN!

Saturday, November 30 @ the TT Booth

Time TBD - based on her stage schedule that day - stay tuned to TT's Facebook & Instagram for the announcement!

Read more about Katie on her website HERE.


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