1-1 & Small Group Training

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Irish dance strength and conditioning Irish dance training, turnout exercises for Irish dancers, online Irish dance training, target training, targettraining, target training irish dance, turnout exercises for irish dance, irish dance knee pain
Online Irish dance training, virtual Irish dance workouts, Irish dance strength and conditioning, Irish dance personal training

The 55 minute, 1-1 and small group training will begin with an individual assessment to identify and diagnose areas in need of improvement. Athletes will be instructed through a focused strength & conditioning program specific to their needs to optimize performance, correct imbalances, and reduce injury risk. Following their session, dancers will be given a Personalized Training Program to continue to work independently at home. 

All 1-1 and small group trainings held on Zoom.



STEP 1:  View the 1-1 Calendar below for available training dates. All times listed are the available appointments. Please review cancellation policy listed below prior to booking.

STEP 2:  Email TT below with your requested date(s) along with:

  • How did you hear about Target Training? 

  • Athlete’s injury history

  • PT recommendations (if applicable)

  • Common corrections (from teachers & adjudicator comments)

  • 3 areas they’d like to improve

  • Their Irish dance goals

  • Do you have any exercise equipment at home?  If yes, please list anything you have. (resistance bands, weights, foam roller, massage ball, yoga ball, bosu ball, cardio equipment, balance pad, yoga mat, etc).

  • Have you ever participated in any Target Training programs or the Online Institute before?  If so, let us know which programs.

STEP 3:  We will respond to your email with a booking confirmation. If your training is more than one week from the time you book, you will receive a second confirmation email closer to the training date to reconfirm the training and will include the Zoom link. 

FEE:   1 participant: $125

            2-3 participants: $65/pp

            3-4 participants: $50/pp

            *All payments must be made at least 24 hours prior to the training*


For all 1-1 and small group classes, kindly give us 24 hours notice for cancellations. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be subject to the full charge.

For all small group cancellations, if one or more attendees cancels outside of 24 hours, the remaining participants will be given notice and required to pay the appropriate hourly rate based on the number of remaining participants.  If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the training, the attendee who cancelled will be subject to pay their portion.


Thanks! Message sent.

CALENDAR | 1-1 & Small Group Training
Any times listed are the available training times.