1-1 & Small Group Training

Irish dance personal training, Irish dance strength and conditioning, online Irish dance training, virtual Irish dance workouts

The 55 minute, 1-1 and small group training will begin with an individual assessment to identify and diagnose areas in need of improvement. Athletes will be instructed through a focused strength & conditioning program specific to their needs to optimize performance, correct imbalances, and reduce injury risk. Following their session, dancers will be given a Personalized Training Program to continue to work independently at home. 

All 1-1 and small group trainings held on Zoom.


Irish dance strength and conditioning Irish dance training, turnout exercises for Irish dancers, online Irish dance training


STEP 1:  View the 1-1 Calendar below for available training dates.

STEP 2:  Email TT below with your requested date(s) along with:

  • athlete’s injury history

  • PT recommendations (if applicable)

  • common corrections (from teachers & adjudicator comments)

  • 3 areas they’d like to improve

  • their Irish dance goals

STEP 3:  We will respond to your email with a confirmation.

FEE:   $100 per 55 minutes


Online Irish dance training, virtual Irish dance workouts, Irish dance strength and conditioning, Irish dance personal training

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