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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Irish dance strength and conditioning, exercises for Irish dancers

Music can have a huge influence on your mood and performance, setting the tone for whatever you’re doing. The right song can help you relax, make you smile or make you dance. When training or in dance class, this can have a huge impact on your performance. Research has even shown that listening to music while exercising leads to higher levels of endurance, power, productivity and strength. So let’s put on some of our favorite jams to help improve our performance! We’ve featured three Spotify accounts that have put together some of the most perfect playlists to pump you up while training and dancing. Head on over to Spotify and check them out today! Target Training (of course!) CLICK HERE for link @targettraining We have a new playlist every season of music that will pump you up for your workout. If you’re at the end of your workout or looking to slow it down, we also have stretch, cool down and yoga playlists along with a meditation playlist. Irish Dancing Magazine CLICK HERE for link @Irishdancingmagazine The IDM Spotify account has a little bit of everything for Irish dancers! Featuring dance tunes, pump up music, travel music, and playlists curated by special guests like Ciara Sexton and Target Training. Irish Dance Feis Prep & Show Music

CLICK HERE for link This playlist features music designed specifically for Irish dancers from Gaelic Storm musicians Katie, Pete, Ryan and former GS fiddle player Ellery Klein. The perfect combo of practice music and fun tunes for your next show!


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