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Target Training Irish dance, nutrition for Irish dance, Irish dance strength and conditioning

Irish dancers have a unique set of demands placed on their bodies during hours of dance class, performances and competitions.  It’s essential to fuel their body with the proper balance of nutrients for sustainable energy, efficient recovery, and for muscle development. 


Target Training’s Nutrition Consultation is designed to target each individual dancer’s specific needs so they can fuel their body for success! 

Irish dance nutrition, nutritional analysis for dancers


As a registered dietitian (RD) and certified diabetes educator (CDE), Jessica has a long history of assisting individuals in achieving their nutritional needs and goals.  “My practice integrates advanced understanding of nutritional interventions, the individualized application of these interventions based on unique patient and family needs, and the identification of appropriate paths to achieving positive outcomes,” she says. 

Jessica is an RD at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (ranked one of the top three pediatric hospitals in the United States) and specializes in working with unique populations such as youth athletes, celiac disease, diabetes, weight management, prenatal and first year of life, and more.  Jessica loves experimenting with food with her two children and utilizing her knowledge as a former professional cookie baker to ensure that not only is it healthy, but tasty too!

Fee: 50 minute Nutrition Consultation, $155*

*All consultations will take place on FaceTime, Zoom or telephone unless otherwise specified. 


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Featured Recipes from Jess's Kitchen!

      Healthier Pumpkin Muffins

      Black Bean Burgers

      Quick Energy Pick-Ups

      Egg Muffins


      Avocado Toast

      Banana Pancakes


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