Ellen G. Waller

Founder & Coach


Masters of Science, Exercise Science

  Northeastern Illinois University

  Chicago, IL

Bachelors of Science, Irish Dance Education

   Ohio State University

   Columbus, OH

   CLICK HERE to read more about Ellen's undergraduate

    degree in Irish Dance Education

Certifications:  NASM - CPT

                           NASM - PES

                            TCRG (2005)




  International Association of Dance      

    Medicine and Science

  National Academy of Sports Medicine

"You truly are a special gift to these young people.  I have said it before but I am saying it again.  You make every kid feel special.  Having been in education for over 20 years, I know the world needs more people like you :)"

Parent (of 6 & 9 year old dancers)

Chicago, IL

"Thanks for all you do and all the joy and professionalism you bring to class."

Parent (of 13 year old dancer)

Chicago, IL

My children were so impressed with you and your class!  They felt challenged but remarked that you were "motivating without being gruff."

Parent (of 10 & 12 year old dancers)

Whitefish Bay, WI

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Training & Experience:  

Long time competitive and professional Irish dancer and instructor, Ellen G. Waller, has dedicated her life to Irish dance.  Her talent as a dancer has lead her to perform for thousands across the world and her passion as an Irish dance instructor has influenced innumerable young dancers.


As a young dancer, Ellen recognized the unique physical and mental challenges encountered by elite dancers and athletes.  Determined to learn more about supporting young dancers and athletes, she returned to school to complete her Masters of Science in Exercise Science. 


Coupling her in-depth experience as an Irish dancer/instructor with her expansive knowledge of kinesiology, Ellen developed the innovative Target Training program; a series of courses and training methods that condition the specific muscles Irish dancers need to

  • optimize performance;

  • improve technique;

  • prevent injuries;

  • overcome physical and mental challenges;

  • perform and compete at an elite level.


Learn more about how Ellen got started HERE

Learn more about Ellen's undergraduate degree in Irish Dance Education HERE


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