"It's the extra piece she's been missing!"
Parent (of 12 year old dancer)
Chicago, IL
"(TT) has undoubtedly impacted her confidence."
Parent (of 15 year old dancer)
Chicago, IL
"(TT) helps you become stronger and more flexible, and it has helped me feel more confident with my dancing
Dancer  (15 years old)
Arlington Heights, IL
"(My dancer) feels encouraged and challenged every week."
Parent (of 10 year old dancer)
Chicago, IL
"We feel so fortunate to have found this class and this instructor!"
Parent (of 11 year old dancer)
Fox River Grove, IL

Testimonials & Results


First time 10 Week Workout average vertical jump increases.  


Target Training Transformations

"Your strength training class has been absolutely perfect for (my dancer).  Sounds like it may have been the extra piece she's been missing!"

-Parent (of 12 year old dancer), Chicago, IL


"We highly recommend the Target Training!  Not only has my daughter become a dramatically more powerful dancer (more than doubling her vertical jump!), but she is making real improvements in her overall health and fitness.  She has never been so excited about exercising, even outside of class!"

- Parent (of 11 year old dancer), Fox River Grove, IL


"NEVER has my dancer believed in herself the way she does now.  Being a part of your class has undoubtedly impacted her confidence.  She is in the best shape ever heading into the Oireachtas!!!"

-Parent (of 12 year old dancer), Chicago, IL


"The strengthening classes you are teaching are making a huge difference to my kids - both from a perspective of understanding more about their muscles and anatomy as well as improvements in strength and flexibility.  I'm so happy that they have the opportunity to take this class with you."

-Parent (of 13 and 14 year old dancers), Elmhurst, IL


"My children were so impressed with you and your class!  They felt challenged but remarked that you were "motivating without being gruff"."

-Parent (of 10 & 12 year old dancers), Whitefish Bay,WI


"My daughter's turnout, posture while on toes, susceptibility to injury, and even her everyday stride were suffering because of her right leg being longer than her left.  Over the course of this class, her left hip has become more flexible and her left leg has become stronger and better able to compensate without tiring.  The difference in strength between her left and right legs is beginning to equalize.  I am especially pleased with this result because we had been working towards these goals with little success on our own."

- Parent (of 11 year old dancer), Fox River Grove, IL


"Not only is it fun, but it's teaching her such wonderful material and she is keeping active at the same time."

-Parent (of 8 year old dancer), Rolling Meadows, IL


"(My dancer) feels encouraged and challenged every week.  She did the exercises you designed for them regularly!"

- Parent (of 10 year old dancer), Chicago, IL


"My dancer is just bananas about the class.  After class, she talks the whole way home about how awesome it is (she does this every week!).  She does the stuff at home too.  She can turn out her feet more than I have ever seen her able to do."

-Parent (of 12 year old dancer), Waterford, WI


"(Our dancer) LOVES your class!!  Thanks to you, her kicks are higher than ever!"

- Parent (of 8 year old dancer), Arlington Heights, IL