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Bending Arms while you Irish dance?

Updated: Apr 19

Are you a dancer who bends their arms when they dance? Your elbows popping out on jumps and spins and your dance teacher constantly yells “ARMS STRAIGHT” at you. If this sounds like you, an important muscle in your arms could need some strengthening…your triceps!

Your triceps are a muscle on the back of the upper part of your arm. Their principle responsibility is to straighten your arm by extending the elbow joint. For Irish dancers, this muscle is critical to executing ideal Irish dance posture. One of our favorite Target Training exercises to strengthen your triceps is a triceps pushup. Not only does it target your triceps, but it also works your core and chest!

Add this to your weekly training routine and keep track of how many you can do with perfect form! As you get stronger, you'll see your form improve and the number of reps increase.

Happy Training!

TRICEPS PUSHUP - Begin in a plank position (on your toes or knees), with your hands directly below your shoulders.

- Engage your core by drawing your belly button up and in (no bum sticking up in the air or arch in your back).

- As you lower down to the ground, point your elbows straight back (instead of out to the side in a “regular” pushup). Your arms should be touching your sides.

- Lower all the way down until your chest taps the floor then push back up maintaining a straight line from your head to toes (or knees).


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