3 Surprising Tips & 1 Essential Video for Higher Jumps

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

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Need to get your jumps higher and more powerful? Check out the below 3 tips to achieving greater height and follow along with the power training video to start soaring today!

1. PLYOMETRICS This sounds silly, but the best way to improve your jumping...is to JUMP! So often when dancers (or anyone) train, they're doing squats, lunges, loading up on weights etc. But the best way to improve your vertical jump is to add in plyometrics (jumping exercises). And when you jump, use 100% of your effort (not 80% or even 95%). So you'll do less reps (8-12) but each will be highly effective. 2. SINGLE LEG TRAINING The majority of training people do is on both legs. But when you transfer that to dance, very few of our power moves are on both legs, You're leaping off of ONE leg, performing bicycles on ONE leg, clicks are ONE leg, switch birds are ONE leg, etc. Be aware of this with your regular workout routine. Instead of squat jumps, do single leg squat jumps, instead of a regular deadlift, perform a single leg deadlifts (or add a jump to these). 3. SPEED TRAINING Along with getting more POWER, you'll want to add SPEED. Change up the tempo of your training. If you're doing a squat jump, go down for 3 counts then explode to a jump in 1 count. Target Training has a great tabata video that incorporates all of this. And it’s only 4 minutes long! But make sure EVERY TIME you jump, you’re putting in 100% effort. The exercises are all listed below with what you should be thinking about in each exercise - POWER vs SPEED.

TABATA SERIES for POWER & SPEED - Single leg squat jumps - POWER - Cross jumps - SPEED - Plie Jumps - POWER - Lunge switches - SPEED (squeezing tight at the "top" of the movement when switching legs) - Click jumps - POWER - Fast feet - SPEED

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