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Attack, Stamina & Power | Part 4: technique and the role it plays in ASP

Updated: Feb 12

In the last blog, we’ve talked all about how your body produces energy for Irish dance, specifically with the anaerobic energy system. However, training anaerobic endurance is only half the battle when it comes to improving Irish dance stamina. The other part of this battle is to be able to maintain your technique through your entire dance.

Do you ever feel like you get to a point in your dance where you lose a technique? Has a teacher ever told you, “I could tell you were tired because you lost your [insert technique here].” For me, it was lifting in the back! My teachers could always tell when I was tired because I would stop lifting all the way to my bum. This wasn’t something I would do on purpose--the muscles I needed to use to lift my foot up in back (my hamstrings) were literally too fatigued to do their job!