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Target Training's HOLIDAY HUSTLE

Updated: Feb 16

A fun challenge to keep you in top Irish dance shape this holiday season! Follow along with the videos each day to complete the challenge.


Share a video or photo of you completing the Holiday Hustle challenge for that day on Facebook or Instagram (don’t forget to tag us!). One entry allowed per day. 3 winners will be randomly selected on Dec. 11, Dec. 21 & Dec. 31.

EXERCISE VIDEO LINKS 2. Lunge Jumps 3. Prone Out & Ins 4. Skater Jumps 5. Hollow Hold Flip 6. Hip ABCs 7. Straight Leg Lifts 8. Triple Squat with side leg kick 9. Single Leg Step up 10. Tricep Pushup 11. Bridge Walk outs 12. Side Plank Taps 13. Single Leg Burpee 14. Snowboard Jump 15. Single Leg Glute Press 16. Cross Outs 17. Side Lying Leg lift 18. Single Leg Squat Jumps 19. Single Leg Leg lunge with kick back 20. Luge hold 21. Protraction Retraction Planks 22. Single Leg Calf Raise 23. Lower Leg Lift 24. Passe Press 25. Squat Jump 26. Flys and Is 27. Single Leg Balance 28. Single Leg Deadlift Jump 29. Cross Over Mountain Climbers 30. Boxer Sit up 31. Burpees


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