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Unleash your Irish dance potential, join the

Road to Worlds

What if you could step onto the World stage with a newfound strength and agility that leaves judges and audiences in awe?

Introducing Target Training's
Road To Worlds, your ticket to a three-month transformative journey that will elevate your performance to unparalleled heights!

Get ready to revolutionize your training regimen! The Road to Worlds is not just a workout – it's a game-changer. Picture this: precision footwork, mesmerizing leaps, and unmatched endurance. Our proven system is meticulously crafted for dancers like you, aspiring to conquer the World Championships with confidence and strength. 

What awaits you

  • Tailored live training classes:  Four live zoom classes between December 2023 - March 2024 designed exclusively for dancers competing at the World Championships.  Classes are recorded.

  • Expert Training Plan Guidance:  Led by Target Training's founder, Ellen G Waller, you'll receive personalized advice, tips, and tricks to maximize your training plan.  Monthly training plan development will take place during the monthly training class.

  • Performance Boosters: Unlock the secrets to explosive jumps, impeccable posture, and technique that makes you stand out with the Road to Worlds resource bank. 

  • Mental Resilience: Beyond physical strength, we'll train your mind for the competitive stage, ensuring you dance with confidence, focus, and unshakeable poise.


  • Competing at the CLRG or An Chomhdhail 2024 World Championships.

  • Age U13 or above for the 2024 dance year.

  • Able to train three days a week for one hour and an additional three days a week for 30 minutes. Six days/week.

  • Equipment needed- handheld weights - a "light" (3-5lbs), "medium" (5-12lbs) and "heavy" (12-25lbs) set.  Weight is dependent on athlete and their training history.  Circular and long resistance band.  Optional - yoga mat, pilates ball.

Live Class Details

Time: 10:00-11:30 am CST (classes are recorded and available to view asynchronously)


  • Sunday, December 17 | Foundational strength, foot & ankle strength & stability, flexibility, habit creation

  • Sunday, January 14 | Attack, power, sharpness & skill specific training

  • Sunday, February 11 | Stamina, skill specific training, & sleep training

  • Sunday, March 10 | Mindset & tapering

Fee: $250


  • Should I participate in Target Training's 10 Week Workout (10WW), TT Online Institute (TTOI) or Road to Worlds?  Although not mandatory, the Road to Worlds is designed to incorporate the 10WW and TTOI programs as a part of your training plan. Ideally, an athlete would participate in the Road to Worlds and the 10WW or TTOI.  Click HERE for 10WW details.  Click HERE for TTOI details. 

  • My dancer is U12 going to Worlds, what should they do?  For dancers who are U12 attending the World Championships, we recommend attending 2-3 classes per week of the 10WW classes (beginning January) and completing the Weekly Challenges provided through that class.  Click HERE for 10WW details. 

  • My dancer did not qualify for Worlds, what should they do? First, we want to help them reach their goals!  Participating in the 10WW (starting in January), attending those classes 2-3x/week and completing the Weekly Challenges provided in that class would be our recommendation!  Click HERE for 10WW details. 

  • Do you have access to a gym?  The Road to Worlds will provide some training options that you can complete at your gym.

Questions - email us anytime at


*All LIVE classes held on ZOOM video.  Further details will be emailed prior to the first class using the email listed on your registration.

*Registration allows for 1 user on 1 device.  You are not allowed to share login information or use on multiple devices.  If you do not follow these guidelines, your access will be removed and registration fee will not be refunded. 

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