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Staples and Splurges for an Inspiring Home Studio

Updated: 3 days ago

"Where did you get ____ from?"

Many times in our training videos, I use various pieces of home training equipment. And weekly, I'll get the question, "where did you get that piece of equipment from?"

I'm very intentional about the equipment I use and recommend for all Target Training classes. I want equipment that is versatile and that typically doesn't take up much real estate.

To compliment our blog, Simple Tips for an Inspiring Home Studio, I've compiled a list of my all-time favorite home studio equipment staples and splurges. Click on the name of each piece of equipment and it'll take you to the link. Enjoy!!


Exercise equipment for Irish dancers

Price: dependent on weight (starting at $10/pair for 2lbs)

Ellen's take: I recommend athlete's have a light, medium and heavy set at home. This will change as their strength develops but you will literally have these weights for the rest of your life. Start investing in a few sets and add on as you need to.

Price: $13.98 for set of 3

Ellen's take: I love that they do not roll up like some other types and boy, oh boy, do they pack a punch.

Price: $.7.99

Ellen's take: I'm obsessed. We use these all the time in classes. They're small but if you want to deflate them to store, they're simple to inflate/deflate.

Price: $6.96 for set of 3

Ellen's Take: A given for any athlete and dancer. The 4.9ft option is plenty long.

Price: $34.99

Ellen's take: I love the extra support for all the floor work we do. Provides more support and comfort. Yes, please.

Price: $18.82

Ellen's take: These are a little bulky but store nicely in the corner of the room. Definitely not an "on the go" item or one you'll travel with. But to have in your home studio, the long 36in, high density foam roller is my most preferred.

Price: $11.99 for pack of two

Ellen's take: There are so many varieties of massage balls. I prefer a firm ball with a smooth surface. This two pack means you can put one in your dance bag and one in your home studio. (And when you inevitably misplace one, you have a backup!)


Exercise equipment for Irish dancers

Price: $129.99

Ellen's take: Yes, you can use it for box jumps but we it for thousands of other exercises in class. It is larger so will take up space but if you have the space, I would definitely recommend adding one of these.

Price: $99

Ellen's take: I just bought this for myself. I wanted a storage solution that allowed me to see all my equipment, easily access it, but keep it all organized. Took about 10 minutes to assemble.

Price: dependent on size, $52 for 40lbs

Ellen's take: Necessary, no. Useful, yes. Would recommend for older athletes who have been training with me for some time.

Price: $54.99

Ellen's take: I'm surprised by how much I use this. Again, it takes up some space so not ideal if space is limited. But if you have the space, an exercise step can be a useful addition.



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