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Simple Tips for an Inspiring Home Studio

Updated: Mar 16

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I've always been a huge fan of spaces - rooms with a purpose that feel good to be in.


As I write that, I feel like it sounds a little crazy. But do you feel that way, too? That sometimes you walk into a room say "oohhhhh!".


I've always felt that way about dance/training studios. I can't count the number of times I've walked into a studio space and said, "I would love to dance and train here".


Creating a practice/training space within your home can be a bit challenging because we don't always have the space. Many times for me, it's just been an area in my bedroom. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Let's make your home practice and training space an area that you want to be in and that inspires you to work towards your goals.


Whether your training in a small area of your bedroom, in your cold garage, or a dark corner of your basement, I've got some simple tips to make your home studio inspiring!


  • Declutter  - Clear the space. This will help to limit distractions and create an inviting space you want to be in. If you can't clear areas, cover them up. Throw an old table cloth over that pile of boxes! Out of sight, out of mind!

  • Change your "front" - This seems silly but is a simple way to give your home practice space a fresh look. Simply change which way you face. Move your mirrors or whatever you need in the front.

  • Add Inspiration - Write out inspirational quotes, make collages out of Irish Dancing Magazine, hang photos of you and your dance friends on the wall, display your medals/trophies/sashes. What inspires you? Add more of that.

  • Gather what you need - I can't count the number of times my home practice was sabotaged because I didn't have what I needed in my practice space and didn't have the motivation to go grab it. If you need your band from your dance bag, speaker from your room, mat from the basement....go grab it and leave it in your home practice space.


  • Mirror - It's necessary when working on your dancing or training that you learn to visually spot corrections and how to improve your form. Simple mirror tiles like THESE are easy to add to your space and can make a big impact.

  • Lights - This sounds silly but the addition of LED strip lights around the base of my home studio has made a world of difference to my motivation while training. It helps set the tone and gives a fun mood to the room. Silly, yes. Worth it, YES!

  • Flooring - When it comes to practicing hard shoe at home, your flooring could not be more important. Marley flooring like THIS is so important so you don't slip and don't ruin your floor at home!

Now set aside a little bit of time to create an inspiring space you want to practice in!


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