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The #1 Skill Irish Dancers want to Improve…and how to FINALLY fix it!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Irish dance strength and conditioning, exercises for Irish dance posture

I asked almost 200 dancers what the #1 skill they needed to improve on. There were three front runners far above the rest. But the #1 skill Irish dancers reported that they need to improve on…


Dancers have been struggling to keep their arms in, backs straight and shoulders steady but haven’t been able to make impactful progress. Until now. I’m here to give you a step-by-step guide to:

  • improving the mobility in your shoulders so you have the range of motion to bring them back

  • developing the strength in your upper back and shoulders to maintain their position while dancing

  • developing and activating the muscles in your arms and chest to keep arms straight and by your sides

  • increase core stability (stomach, back, hips, glutes) to maintain a strong upper body

  • improved hip mobility so that limitations in your hips aren't effecting your posture

On the Target Training Online Institute, a comprehensive strength and mobility training program that targets the specific needs of Irish dancers, we have a 30 Day Posture Challenge. It is one of the Target Training athlete’s favorite programs, is chock-full with transformative exercises, and develops everything you need to improve your posture once and for all!

We are sharing the first chapter of the 30 Day Posture Challenge which includes exactly what to do for days 1-10 of the challenge. If you’re interested in completing the entire challenge or checking out the other Irish dance skill specific videos (videos to help turnout, toe height, pointing etc), you can head to the Target Training Online Institute and try the first month for FREE! Go to and enter code 1MONTHFREE on the “trainer” subscription to get started.

Let's get to work with Target Training's 30 Day Posture Challenge!

To get started, click the below link to access chapter 1

The guide will take you through your posture transformation, step-by-step. It will reference several exercises that you will need to follow along with. They are all linked below.

What are you waiting for? Let's get to work on transforming your posture!


Check out the 30-Day POSTURE CHALLENGE on the Target Training Online Institute!

Receive 14 DAYS FREE @ the Target Training Online Institute

Irish dance strength & conditioning, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Join the Target Training Online Institute today and get a FREE 14-day trial of the Trainer subscription, no code needed.


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