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Senior Special Preview

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Irish dance strength and conditioning, Irish dancing after high school

You are a senior. You are excited, kind of nervous, maybe a bit sad, because soon you will be starting a new chapter. You are thinking ahead to the new opportunities you will have, but also looking back, and wondering if now is the time to hang up your ghillies. Target Training is here to help you and expose you to all the opportunities the Irish dance world has to offer!

This beautiful art form that you have committed much of your life to does not have to be tucked away into some memory box with all of your high school love letters once you graduate. As you continue to grow, Irish dancing will take on different shapes and roles in your life, and we are here to tell you that you have the power to choose exactly what you want that to look like. Your passions are always with you.

If you are ready to hang up your ghillies and never want to dance another full round of hornpipe again, remember all of the lessons and values you learned that will stick with you through new adventures. Teamwork, perseverance, courage, strength, community, friendship, and balance – we could go on forever. These shape who you are and what you do each and every day and will continue to provide inspiration even when you least expect it.

Not ready to stop dancing or perhaps you would like to pursue a career in Irish dance community. We’ve got the perfect insight for you. Over the next week and half, we’ll be sharing profiles with you from professional Irish dancers, musicians, teachers, adjudicators, dance photographers, Irish dance shop owners, costume designers and more! These professionals continue to pursue their Irish dance passions through a variety of creative outlets and are providing Target Training readers with invaluable insight to their craft.

We wish our seniors the very best as you progress through your personal journey. No matter what you go on to do, remember all you have accomplished so far. And maybe keep a few reels in your iTunes library, just in case.


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