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FLEXIBILITY | PART 4: Active Mobility

If you've been online and have gone down a rabbit hole, searching for flexibility exercises, I can guarantee you've heard countless specialists talk about mobility. And there's a reason for that, it's effective.

Active mobility refers to exercises that increase your range of motion through controlled movements. This type of movement is impactful for Irish dancers to complete before their dance classes or while working on their overall flexibility outside of class.

Few notes to think about while performing your mobility exercises.

  • Focus on your breath, trying to relax your body while taking long exhales.

  • Some parts of mobility exercises will look, and feel, like a strength exercise. This is so that we can safely develop the stability and strength through your full range of motion.

  • Gently move between your poses. The sensations should never be too intense.

  • Remember...consistency is key.

Try the below active mobility sequences and add to your Irish dance flexibility routine.



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