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FLEXIBILITY | PART 2: Nerve Gliding

Updated: 20 hours ago

FLEXIBILITY | PART 2: Nerve Gliding

Nerve gliding or nerve flossing is a type of stretching that helps to mobilize the nerves. This type of stretching is impactful in helping to relieve irritated or compressed nerves and increase flexibility and range of motion.

The gliding or flossing component refers to a movement similar to that of when you floss your teeth. As you pull on one end, the other end moves in that direction and vice versa.

Guidelines for Nerve Gliding

  • It should not be painful. This is a GENTLE movement that should elicit about a 3/10 sensation.

  • Your breath while moving is important. Focus on a deep exhalation to help relax the body.

  • Slow and controlled movements between your two end points

  • Start slow and complete one set of 6-10 reps of each movement.

  • Nerve glides can be completed before or after a dance class or before your home stretching routine.

Two nerve gliding exercises for Irish dancers


Begin kneeling on one knee with the other foot flat on the ground. As you exhale, tuck your pelvis under into a posterior tilt as you drop your head, rounding your upper back. Inhale to hold then as you exhale again, maintain a tuck in your pelvis as you shift forward and look up.


Lay on your back with one leg extended long on the ground and the other extended to the ceiling - to where it feels comfortable - holding onto the back of your leg by the hamstring. Exhale and point through your top foot as you round and curl your head up. Inhale for a count then as you exhale again, lay back on the ground and flex through your ankle.



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