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Measurable Success for Irish Dance Athletes

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Our assessment results are in from our 10 Week Workout... and they are impressive!

For each Target Training 10 Week Workout, I measure each dancers progress using a variety of assessments. This is an integral part of Target Training's program to

1. track each dancer to make sure they are making the necessary physical gains to impact their dancing and

2. measure the efficacy of the Target Training programming. I want to make sure that every Target Training program is effective in producing measurable results.

Yes, we can see gains in competition results and by dancers accomplishing goals and their improved mentality. But measurable results are the only way to know for certain that the program is effective in producing results.

The below results are based off of the average of 139 dancers who participated in our Fall 2017 10 Week Workout. Measurements were taken in the following areas:


via Sit and Reach assessment. This is integral to an Irish dancer's performance to improve kick height for swings and clicks.


via Vertical Jump test on both feet, right foot, and left foot. Necessary component to execute leaps, birds, and all jumps.


via 1:20 Burpee test. Technique doesn't matter when you don't have the endurance to get through an entire dance! Endurance is key to every Irish dancer's performance!

Check out their huge increases below!

If you're interested in gaining similar results and more from a Target Training 10 Week Workout, check out the class information here: 10 WEEK WORKOUT DETAILS. Our next session begins the first week of January with 4 convenient locations around Chicago and 1 central Milwaukee location.



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