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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Irish dance mindset, Irish dance mentality

With the fall season well underway, you’re in the thick of it - big assignments & tests at school, solo and team classes are in full swing at dance, extra curricular activities (fall sports, band, etc), strength & conditioning training & more.

Oh yea…and you’re supposed to have time to do homework, hang out with family and friends, sleep and eat. How are you supposed to have enough time in a day to get this all accomplished?!?!

It’s time to take back the control with these 3 steps and 1 life-changing tip!

1) Write down everything you need to do in the week

When you write it down, it gets out of your head (which is swirling with overwhelm) and on to your to-do list. After you write it down, is there anything on the list that can wait until later? Or that you can delegate to someone else?

2) Plan ahead

Break this down into a couple separate steps.

  • Plan your week out. What will each day look like? Get really detailed here.

  • Utilize your time well - When you planned out your week, you may have realize that you spend 2 hours in the car driving to and from your activities. Use this time efficiently to get something else done - homework, nap, eat, etc.

  • Set your self up for success with a morning and evening routine - It takes me about 15 minutes in the morning to really wake up. However if I have a plan and morning ritual, I can use those 15 minutes to my advantage to get my morning started. Additionally, every evening, I prepare myself for the next morning. I set out my clothes, make my lunch, pack all my bags (it can be a lot going from school, to an after school activity, to dance - you need A LOT of supplies, food and changes of clothes!).

3) Stay committed

You will be thrown curveballs in the week - huge assignment due that you didn’t know about, added dance class, etc. Make adjustments to your schedule and stay committed to managing your time.

Remember - this period of overwhelm will have an end. The test will be completed, the competition will be over, the performance will come and go. It will take the days or weeks of preparation to plan, buckle down, and stay focused.

What’s my 1 life-changing tip to helping with overwhelm? Stay present.

When we’re overwhelmed, our minds are in a whirlwind of worrying about everything we need to accomplish. You’ll be in dance class thinking about your History exam while you’re in History thinking about your new dance step you need to work on. Whenever you notice this happening, acknowledge this thought or write your thought down as a reminder. Then return to being present.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, BE THERE. BE PRESENT. This will help you stay focused and become more effective throughout the day.

Deep breathe. You’ve got this.

Happy Training!

Ellen G Waller Irish dance strength and conditioning


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