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2018 NAIDC Training Guide

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Your 2018 NAIDC Training Guide is here!!

This guide contains useful tips to use in the final days leading up to, and during, the North American Championships. If you are attending the Championships, there are additional in-person opportunities for you!

Good luck to all competitors & happy training!



North American Championships


Visit us at the...

Target Training Booth

or Volunteer at the Booth!

Swing by the Target Training Booth in the vendor area to find out about upcoming classes, grab some Target Training gear or say hello!

Volunteer at the Booth

For TT athletes ages 13 & up who will be at the NAIDC, we would love to have you join us by volunteering at the booth. Check out full details and sign up for a time



SLEEP & it's powerful effect on your mind, body & dancing

IMAGERY - the impactful, performance enhancing tool for Irish Dance

Is your battery fully charged?

ANXIETY & IRISH DANCE - understanding anxiety & how it effects your Irish dance performance.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Take back the control with these three simple steps

HYDRATION - why it's so critical to your Irish dance performance

SNACKING ON THE GO - fueling the Irish dancer

Check out the Target Training Blog for more specific training tools and exercises you can use during these final days leading up to the North American Championships!

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