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Ambassador Feature

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Our Target Training Ambassadors worked harder than ever leading up to their various Oireachtasi this past November. Check out how their last major of 2018 went and what they’re most looking forward to in 2019!

In addition, each of them will be taking of the Target Training Instagram one day before the new year:

January 27 - Aliyah

January 28 - Erin

January 29 - Kari

January 30 - Megan

Kari, who dances for Penk O’Donnell in the Western US, placed second this year! She says her favorite memory from Oireachtas was coming offstage from each round truly happy with how she danced—and placing on the podium for the first time at Oireachtas was really exciting, too! To stay in shape this holiday season, on top of her regular dance classes, she’ll be using both the Target Training Holiday Hustle challenge and the preseason training. Kari told TT, “I love these workouts because they are perfect for the ‘off-season.’ It keeps me focused when I have a detailed plan to follow!” As for 2019, she’s looking forward to traveling to, and competing at, her first All Ireland’s, but of course, training for Worlds. She can’t wait to continue pushing herself to see how her dancing improves in 2019! Way to go, Kari!

Erin dances for Glencastle in the Mid-American region! While she wasn’t able to compete at Oireachtas this year due to an injury, she loved cheering on her classmates from home! She’s staying in shape this holiday season by keeping up with her physical therapy in addition to resistance training, and she swims to keep her stamina up. Erin in most looking forward to getting back into dancing in 2019, as well as training for her second Worlds. Keep it up, Erin!

Aliyah dances for the Carey Academy in the Midlands region, UK, and she took home the title this year at her Oireachtas! She says this year was especially memorable to her as all of her teachers were at the Midlands Oireachtas together with her! She also loved dancing in the Parade of Champions—she wrote, “there are so many amazing dancers in my region, it was an honor to dance with them!” While she’ll be using her holidays to rest a bit (and eat some extra treats!), she’s staying fit by following her Target Training program at the gym to focus on her core, turnout, and arching. She’s most looking forward to traveling to Worlds in North Carolina in 2019, as well as continuing to push her dancing and seeing how she can improve. Congratulations, Aliyah!

Megan dances for the Lavin-Cassidy school, also in Mid-America! She placed second at her Oireachtas, and is most proud of how she knows she walked offstage having danced her best and gave it her all. She tells us making her teachers proud is always her number one goal! To stay in shape this holiday season, Megan is using the Target Training preseason plan to prepare for a great 2019! She’s most looking forward to competing at her last overseas major at the All Ireland’s in Kilarney, as well as training for and competing at Worlds! We’re so proud of you, Megan! Be sure to keep an eye on our social media to see how Kari, Erin, Aliyah, and Megan do in 2019! Happy training!

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