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Overcoming an Irish Dance Slump

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

How are you doing on the path to accomplishing your goals?

If you’ve lost your enthusiasm, aren’t giving it all you’ve got, or feel uninspired, we’ve got a few tips to help you get out of that slump!


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We can’t all perform at 100%, 100% of the time. There will be peaks and valleys in your dance career. But we want to decrease the length and depth of the valleys so you can get back to your peak performance state.

To beat slumps, Target Training created the REAM APPROACH





The below is an overview of our MOTIVATION STATION workbook that is available on the Target Training Online Institute. If you’re interested in reading more on the REAM APPROACH or training online with the Target Training Online Institute, join us at


The first step to beating your slump, is to recognize that you’re IN ONE! Sometimes the narrative that’s playing in your head (“I don’t want to go to class”, “this is too hard”,”I’m tired” , “what if I get injured again”, “I’m overwhelmed”, etc) can be so loud that you don’t realize it’s bringing you down and holding you back.

Once you realize that you’re in a slump or not “feelin it”, acknowledge it. RECOGNIZE it. The first step of the REAM APPROACH is that simple!


Now that we have recognized that you are in a slump, it’s time to EXAMINE it and figure out what is causing the slump.

Start with your greatest resource, YOUR DANCE TEACHER.

Your dance teacher is a vital component to help uncover the cause of your slump, especially when the slump is based on a technical aspect of Irish dance. For example, there was a dancer who had been working on their switch birds in their reel but they hadn't been able to master them. They started to develop anxieties around their reel due to the switch birds which lead to them not wanting to go to class, etc. Your dance teacher will be able to help address these specific problems or other issues causing your slump such as competition performance, slumps surrounding a team, issues with other dancers/classmates, burn out and more.

More details on causes of a slump for Irish dancers and how to examine them on the Target Training Online Institute.


Steps 3 and 4 in the REAM Approach are the most challenging. Now that we’ve recognized our slump and found what was causing it, it’s time to get inspired and ACT. Start by revisit your goal - You need to constantly remind yourself what you’re working towards. Write your goal out and hang it in your room or practice studio. Put your Target Training Goal Worksheet somewhere that you see it and read it EVERY DAY. Then make small choices every day that bring you one step closer to that goal.

More tips on how to take action to get your out of your slump on the Target Training Online Institute.


HURRAY! You’ve come out of your slump from the actions you’ve taken. Now it’s time to MAINTAIN those actions and stay on track to accomplishing your goals.

Again… Join the Target Training Online Institute to read the MOTIVATION STATION workbook and learn maintenance tips for staying on track to accomplish your goals.


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