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Curve in Lower Back? You could be suffering from a common Irish dance problem

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Have you ever noticed a large curve in your lower back? Or discomfort in your lower back when you’re dancing or training?

You could be suffering from a common Irish dance problem…weak lower abs.

Your lower abdominals (from you belly button down) are critical to maintaining core and pelvic stability. The repetitive movements in Irish dancing of constant hip flexion (kicking forward) and limited hip extension (kicking backward) create weak lower abs, weak glutes (muscles in your bum), and tight hip flexors. Together, these can develop a lower back curve, or lumbar lordosis.

We’re turning our focus on the lower abdominals today. Add the Reverse Crunch & Lower into your weekly training routine.


Maintain a flat back on the ground when lowering your legs. If you are struggling with this, try placing your hands under your hips OR don’t lower your legs as far.


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Reverse Crunch & Lower

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