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Add this Small Tool to your Irish Dance Training for BIG RESULTS

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

I’m a huge fan of body weight exercises (exercises performed with no equipment). But sometimes, you need additional resistance to intensify your workouts. Add this one small tool to your Irish dance strength training routine to see BIG results….a resistance band.


  1. Choose your own adventure - Resistance bands come in a variety of strengths so it’s easy to change up the intensity of your workout. Even if you have only one resistance band, you can can make it more challenging by decreasing the distance between the two attachment points (where you’re holding on to it) or less strenuous by increasing the distance between the two points.

  2. Cost effective - Resistance bands are inexpensive tools you can easily order online or at your local sports store. One band costs about $10.

  3. Easy to store - Because they are small and compact, resistance bands don’t require any special storage like other bulky workout equipment.

  4. Perfect to travel with - Because of it’s size and weight, a resistance band is PERFECT to travel with. On a family vacation with no workout facility? No problem! Bring your resistance band and get your Irish dance workout in!

For Target Training, I purchase resistance bands in bulk. I use Theraband® brand as they’re reliable and come in the size and resistance we need for our classes. But you definitely do not need bulk resistance bands at home! Check your local sports equipment store or online. They will have multiple varieties - some with handles, some that are looped, etc. I would recommend starting with two or three that are of varying resistance. Then you’ll have one that is the perfect strength to start with and have others that you can progress on to.

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