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Let's Start at the Beginning

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I was in junior high and my dancing had already hit a wall.

I had great ambitions but didn't know the steps I needed to take to reach my goals.

Does this sound familiar?

Ellen G Waller, Irish dance strength and conditioning, Irish dance training, Ellen Gahl Waller
My first competition!

Around this time, my dance teacher started exposing us to a variety of complimentary training. We began working with the "Queen Bee" of Dance Medicine and injury prevention, Jacqui Haas, and accomplished trainer, Peg Hofmann. We learned about proper body mechanics and how to strengthen the dance specific muscles we needed to improve our technique and form. This training became an integral part of our weekly routine. Then….

Ellen G Waller

I remember the exact moment where I could feel the effects of their training. I

stepped out to do a step for my teacher and in the first jump,

I felt in control, I felt strong, and I felt powerful.

I became obsessed with the cause and effect relationship between this type of training and the positive effect it had on my dance technique. It propelled my dancing career and drove me to realize my goals of competing at the World Championships and tour the world as a professional Irish dancer.

I spent over 25 years living my dream as a world class competitor and instructor with the McGing Irish dancers and professional dancer with the Trinity Irish Dance Company and instructor with the Trinity Academy.

I began noticing my own dancers hitting plateaus, needing an extra push, and struggling to fully realize their goals. I knew just what they needed - targeted physical and cognitive training specific to Irish dancers.

My fire was ignited and I wanted to learn everything I could to help dancers accelerate their training and reach their full potential. I returned to school to complete my Masters in Exercise Science and the rest is history.

Through the Target Training Blog, I’ll provide dancers with motivational and evidence-based tips to help target their goals, prevent injuries, and accelerate their training. If you have a topic you’d like to see addressed or a question you’d like answered in the blog, head to the Target Training contact page and submit your question there.


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