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4 Steps to Perfect Crossover

The Key to Crossover

Advanced Side Plank for Crossover

Cross Outs Exercise


Improving the Line in your Leg

'Sitting on Knees'

Straight Leg on Leaps

Extension Exercise

Flexibility & Mobility

Secret to Unlocking Flexibility

Irish Dance Mobility Part 1

Irish Dance Mobility Part 2

Hip Flexor Stretch

Dynamic vs Static Stretching

Foam Rolling Part 1

Foam Rolling Part 2

IDM Feature: Improving Flexibility

IDM Feature: 5 Stretches from your Chair!

Irish Dance Mobility: YouTube Playlist

Lifting in Back

Lifting up in Back

Hamstring Strength Exercise

Snapping Up in Back Exercises

Hamstring Lowers


Arms In

Keep Your Arms In

3 Tips to Keep Your Arms In

Arms in for Irish Dance

#1 Skill Dancers Want to Improve

IDM Feature: Arms In Exercises


Arms Straight

Bending Arms When You Dance?

Tricep Dip for Straight Arms

Core Strength

Importance of Core Strength

30 Day Core Challenge in IDM

Curve in Your Lower Back?

Core Stability Challenge

Core Exercises: YouTube Playlist

Shoulders Back

Shoulder Mobility Exercise

2 Easy Exercises

Essential Irish Dance Posture Exercise

Perfecting Irish Dance Posture

Protraction/Retraction Planks

4 Exercises for Irish Dance Posture

Posture Exercises: YouTube Playlist


3 Tips for Higher Jumps

Key Muscle Group for Irish Dancers

Single Leg Training

Importance of Single Leg Training

3 Exercises to Increase Explosiveness

Power Exercises: YouTube Playlist

Toe Height & Pointing

Key Muscle Group for Irish Dancers

Back Foot Toe Height

One Tip for Major Toe Height Results

2 Exercises to Improve Toe Height

Go Barefoot Day!

Toe Height & Pointing Exercises in IDM

Doming Exercise

5 Foot & Ankle Exercises in IDM

2 Exercises for Improving Ankle Mobility

4 Exercise for Ankle Strength & Mobility

Back Foot Toe Height Exercises

Toe Height & Pointing Exercises

Toe Mobility Exercise


5 Factors that Affect Turnout

Improving Turnout: Foot Alignment

Exercises for Hip Mobility & Strength

Irish Dance Turnout: The Essentials

Turnout Exercises: Instagram Live





Laying the Foundation for Nutrition

Snacking on the Go

Importance of Hydration

3 Holiday Nutrition Tips

Packed Lunch Guide

Staying on Track with Your Goals

Irish Dance Timing - When to Eat

3 Tips for Your Nutrition Goals

IDM Feature: Fueling the Irish Dancer



Healthier Pumpkin Muffins

Black Bean Burgers

Quick Energy Pick-Ups

Egg Muffins


Avocado Toast

Banana Pancakes



Anxiety & Irish Dance

Friendship & Feising

Refocusing After Competitions

Importance of Rest Days

Coping with Competition Nerves

3 Tips to Improving Mental Health

Relaxation for Irish Dancers

Importance of Gratitude


Importance of Sleep

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Is Your Battery Fully Charged?

Positive Self-Talk

Overcoming a Slump

Visualization for Irish Dance

3 Habits to Break

Investing in Yourself

Balancing School, Dance, & Training

Preparing for the Big Day in IDM


Resources for Dancers

Training Tips

Why Strength Training is Essential

Importance of a Warmup

Do's & Don'ts of Warmups

IDM Feature: 3-Step Warmup

Cool Down for Irish Dance

How to: Create your own Training Plan1/2

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Working Out with Music

Periodization for Irish Dance

Deconditioning & Irish Dance

Fitness Testing for Irish Dancers

Making a Training Plan in IDM

Getting Back into Dance Shape in IDM

IDM Feature: Improving Stamina

Friday Friend Challenge: YouTube Playlist

Swing Strength Series

Sore Muscles in Irish Dance

Training Equipment you have at home


Shin Splints by Dr. Carrie Skony

Strength Training with an Injury

Injuries in Irish Dance

Sidelined with an Injury?

Knee Pain by Dr. Carrie Skony

Irish Dance Tips

Going on Blocks in Hardshoes Part 1

Going on Blocks in Hardshoes Part 2

5 Tips for Being a Strong Team Dancer

Top Tips to Improve Team Dancing

Improve Your Irish Dance "Scissors"

Improve Your "Double Slices"

Improve Your Hardshoe Block Work

Improve Your Irish Dance Leaps

Improve Your Irish Dance Posture

Improve your Single Leg Spins

Improve your 'Double Pumps'