Ellen Recommends: favorite workout app for Irish dance training

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Note - I am not paid to write this review., I just love this app!

One of the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent...and it’s on an app. I use it EVERY day in the classes I teach as well as for my own training. It’s the TABATA PRO timer.

If you do any sort of interval training or break your training sessions up by time, this app is for you. Originally created for tabata training (a form of training that consists of 8 rounds of high intensity exercises for 20 seconds and a rest between for 10 seconds), I have since found many uses for this timer during our training sessions. Before using Tabata Pro, I would watch the clock but it was too much to keep track of the time as you’re also keeping track of your exercises, alignment, engaging the proper muscles, breathing etc.!

Irish dance strength and conditioning

Then I discovered the Tabata Pro timer. You set up your “work” time, your “rest” time and your ready to go. It keeps you on track and inspired to keep pushing through your intervals.

My three favorite features are:

  • No interruption in music - You can coordinate the timer to play over your music (so you don’t need two devices). Music is an integral part of Target Training classes and my personal workouts so this is a very important feature!

  • Party lights - You can change the settings to flash green when you’re “working” and change to red when you’re “resting”. This is helpful when you’re performing high intensity movements or turning movements where you can’t watch the countdown clock.

  • Customized cycle counter - Let’s say you want to do 5 exercises, 3 times, with a break between each cycle. You can customize how many exercises and how many cycles you are performing so you don’t have to keep track as you go along.

You can check out the Tabata Pro timer HERE. Hope it helps you stay on track as much as it's helped me and the Target Training athletes.


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