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Target Training Strength Squad Spotlight: World Champion, Simone Loysen

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Introducing the newest member of the TARGET TRAINING STRENGTH SQUAD,

World Champion, All-Ireland Champion & recent Junior Belt Champion...


Age: 14 Hometown: Frederick, Maryland

Simone recently caught up with Target Training to share what motivates her, her favorite part of Irish dance, what she can't live without, advice & more!

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How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing for 11 years.

Why did you start Irish dancing?

My older half sister saw Riverdance when she was little, and was inspired to start Irish dancing. When I was very young, I would watch and try to copy her while she practiced. I loved it, and my parents signed me up for classes!

Why did you keep Irish dancing?

I love Irish dancing because of how complex it is. It’s incredibly challenging, but also very rewarding. I love performing at competitions and learning new moves! These are some of the qualities of Irish dance that have kept me hooked.

Which do you prefer, hard shoe or soft shoe? Why?

I would have to pick hard shoe because I love toe blocks and intricate rhythms, and the set round is my favorite.

Do you have any special competition routines to get you focused/motivated?

I always listen to special competition day music playlists that I make beforehand to get me pumped up and motivated. I always picture three perfect rounds in my head the night before a competition, and even side stage waiting to go onstage. This helps me stay focused and positive

What’s your favorite song to work out to? The Greatest by Sia, Electric Flow by Fabriq, and Sunny Day by Kicks and Licks.

What’s your favorite strength and conditioning exercise?

Crunches, Leg lifts, Running. Any kind of sit-ups, or v-ups, and biking, stationary or out on a road.

What is something you can’t live without?

Cooking! I absolutely love cooking. I also couldn’t live without all of my amazing friends (and family). And makeup.

Who is one of your role models? Why?

The Rock is one of my role models because of his determination.

Any advice for younger dancers just getting started on their Irish dance journey?

Welcome to the world of Irish dance! Stay determined and work really hard in class. Irish dance is a very social activity, so make sure to have fun with your friends, but remember to focus too!

Any advice for dancers struggling to reach their goals?

This advice mirrors what I have to say to young dancers. Motivation is easy, but determination is the hard part. Stop yourself from giving up in class. When you start to get tired, push yourself to dance even better. I also recommend starting to keep a dance notebook in which you write critiques that you receive from your teachers in dance class. Then, you can remember what to work on and refer to your notebook when practicing at home. When you write down everything you want to work on, it is easier to make significant positive changes to your dancing and, as a result, move closer to achieving your goals.

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