Irish Dance Cross-Training anytime, anywhere!

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         Valid on the 'trainer' subscription only

-  Targeted training specific to the needs of Irish dancers.

-  Access to entire online library of Irish dance strength & conditioning videos & resources.

- No contracts.  Cancel at anytime. 

3 Subscription Levels
Trainer Subscription ($49USD/month) - gives you access to all videos and supplemental videos.  However this route is a self-guided training.

Challenger Subscription ($99USD/month) - includes access to all videos and resources on the TTOI and then monthly, you would send me videos of her soft and hard shoe dance so that I can see her mechanics and where there are imbalances or weaknesses that may be holding her back in some technical aspects.  We'll also discuss her weekly schedule, injury history, common corrections, goals, and other pertinent information to give her a plan that fits with her goals and schedules.  Then I provide her with a specialized monthly plan detailing the exact videos and/or exercises she needs to complete each week.

Champion Subscription ($169USD/month) -  includes everything in the Challenger Subscription (access to all TTOI materials plus a personalized monthly training plan) in addition to a monthly 30 minute FaceTime/Skype call where we review technique and I give additional exercises.