Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take TT classes?  Is it only for Irish dancers?  

Although the primary TT classes are targeted towards the needs of Irish dancers, EVERYONE will benefit and is welcome to attend.  Ellen will work with each student to target their needs whether they be within or outside of Irish dance.  She has experience working with individuals involved in ballet, basketball, ice skating, soccer, track & field, and volleyball and is always interested in working with students of a diverse background. 


What should I wear to class?

Athletic shoes and an athletic top and bottom that you can freely and comfortably move in.   

Do we need to purchase additional supplies for the class?

No.  All equipment will be supplied.  


Is it beneficial to participate in a class more than once?  

Yes!  Ideally, a strength training program will become a regular part of a dancer's weekly training plan.  The Target Training classes are designed to motivate and challenge returning students with innovative class plans while teaching new students the fundamentals of strength and conditioning exercises.  

Are there any associations through An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG)?

No.  There are no registered members of the CLRG instructing with Target Training.