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Looking to polish up on some techniques in these last few weeks before the North American Championships? Check out our Last Minute Clinics and Mindset & Mobility Clinics! The Last Minute Clinics are 20-minute clinics that focus on specific Irish dance techniques and exercises you can do to improve these skills in the last few days prior to the competition. Mindset & Mobility Clinics are 90 minute clinics dedicated to instructing athletes through a warm up, as well as mobilization techniques and visualization skills. Both clinics are perfect for athletes attending the North American Championships but are open to all dancers!


FEES:  Last Minute Clinics: $10 per clinic, $25 for 1-hour bundle, $65 for 3-hour bundle

           Mindset & Mobility Clinics: $45 for 90 minute clinic

*All LIVE classes held on ZOOM video.  Further details will be emailed prior to the first class using the email listed on your registration.

*Registration allows for 1 log in on 1 device.  You are not allowed to share login information or use on multiple devices.  If you do not follow these guidelines, your access will be removed and registration fee will not be refunded.

*Clinics and Masterclasses are NOT recorded nor may be recorded by any participant.

*There are no refunds or exchanges AFTER a clinic or masterclass has taken place. 


North American Nationals Last Minute Clinics


Warmup | 9-9:20 am: 
what should be included in a warmup and how your warmup can help improve specific Irish dance skills
Turnout | 9:25-9:45am: how to improve turnout and activation exercises to perform before dancing
Arms In & Straight | 9:50-10:10am: how to keep your arms in and straight and activation exercises to help keep arms in while dancing
Pointing | 10:15-10:35am: how to improve pointing and mobility exercises to complete before dancing
Crossover | 10:40-11:00am: how to improve crossover and activation exercises to improve crossover
Posture | 11:05-11:25am: covering leaning, shoulders, and twisting and how to improve these three areas in your dancing
Extension | 11:30-11:50am: how to straighten and lengthen your legs with activation exercises
Toe Height | 11:55-12:15pm: understanding toe height and activation exercises to complete before dancing
Flexibility & Kick Height | 12:20-12:40pm: how to open up your flexibility to improve kick height

North American Nationals Mindset & Mobility Clinics

Friday, June 24
 6:30-8:00 pm/CST
Sunday, June 26
 9:00-10:30 am/CST