CLASSES | Masterclasses

Take a deep dive into various Irish dance techniques with our Target Training Masterclasses.  Before each 85 minute Masterclass, athletes will be provided a handbook to follow along with in class outlining training principles, tips and exercises. 

NEW for Fall 2022

Can't make the scheduled Masterclass time?  New for fall 2022, all Masterclasses will be recorded, sent to athletes within 24 hours after the masterclass concludes and will be available to view for 72 hours. 

  • Oireachtas Prep Masterclass | Sunday, September 11 - 4:00-5:25pm/CDT

How are you training for the Oireachtas?  We'll cover it all in this Masterclass by helping athletes develop Oireachtas goals, balanced weekly and monthly training plans, progressive stamina training, skill specific training and more!

  • Flexibility & Pointing | Sunday, September 25 - 4:00-5:25pm/CDT

Two areas that make dancers stand out on stage but can be VERY challenging for them to improve.  It takes a little bit of effort every day to see progress in a dancer's flexibility and pointing.  We'll take dancers through exactly what they should be doing to improve their flexibility for high kicks and pointing for gorgeous extension and how to track their progress.  

  • Turnout & Crossover | Sunday, October 9 - 4:00-5:25pm/CDT

Struggling to have consistent turnout or crossover?  Or it's pretty good but you want to make it stand out?  We'll take you through our three step process to improving these two quintessential Irish dance techniques.  First, we understand how your body works to improve these areas.  Next, strengthen, stabilize, and mobilize the necessary joints and muscles to improve turnout and crossover.  And lastly, understand how your body should feel while dancing and working to improve turnout and crossover. 

  • Oireachtas Mindset & Competition Prep | Sunday, November 13 - 4:00-5:25pm/CDT

Have competition nerves wreaked havoc on your performance?  Have trouble eating/knowing what or when to eat?  Or your warmup doesn't really prepare your body?  We'll be covering it all in the Competition Mindset and Competition Prep Masterclass.  Mental training tools to use the week before, day before and day of the competition, planning tools to encourage a smooth competition day, and more!


1 Masterclass = $50/Masterclass

SAVE with the masterclass bundle: $175 for all 4 classes

*Masterclass bundle is for 1 athlete to use.  May not be shared amongst multiple athletes.

*Registration allows for 1 log in on 1 device.  You are not allowed to share login information or use on multiple devices. 

*Recordings and handbooks may not be shared.

*There are no refunds or exchanges AFTER a clinic or masterclass has taken place. 

If you do not follow these guidelines, your access will be removed and registration fee will not be refunded.